Face Down Recovery Equipment Rentals

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#1 Face Down Recovery Equipment Rentals Near You

At Scouter Medical, we understand the importance of a comfortable and reliable recovery process after an eye surgery. That’s why we offer top-quality vitrectomy equipment and face down chair rentals.

Why Choose Scouter Medical?


Our vitrectomy chair rentals come with free nationwide ground shipping.


Our face down rental equipment is thoroughly sanitized.


Scouter Medical provides patients with all documents and paperwork to file an insurance claim.

The Best Vitrectomy Chair Rental For Your Recovery

Our vitrectomy chairs are specifically designed for patients who have undergone vitrectomy surgery, and are engineered to provide optimal comfort and support for face down positioning. Our face down chairs are also made with your comfort in mind, and are adjustable to fit your needs.

With Scouter Medical, you can trust that you’re in good hands. Our face down chair rentals are a convenient and cost-effective solution for those who require the face down position after eye surgery. We take pride in providing the best equipment and customer service to ensure a successful recovery process. Contact us today to learn more about our vitrectomy chair and face down chair rental options.

Using a face down chair after eye surgery, such as macular hole surgery, is crucial for a safe and comfortable recovery. The chair allows the patient to maintain the necessary face down position, which helps to promote proper healing and reduce the risk of complications. By using a face down chair, patients can experience a smoother and more relaxed recovery process, which leads to a faster return to their normal activities.