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Since 2001, Scouter Medical Inc. has helped thousands of patients maintain proper face down positioning after Vitrectomy surgery ensuring successful surgical outcomes. We provide top-rated equipment and excellent customer service.


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All rentals include ground shipping to and from the patient’s home. Prices listed on our website are total for the rental period requested. We do not charge fuel surcharges, service area charges or charge to send a driver to the patient’s home to pick up the equipment at the end of the rental.


Are you undergoing a vitrectomy surgery to repair a a vitreous hemorrhage, macular hole, retinal detachment, or other eye insult?

Has your surgeon said you will have to positionface down for days after surgery?

Scouter Medical’s face down recovery equipment is designed to help you maintain this crucial prone (face down) position after vitrectomy.

Our fully adjustable face down equipment incorporates Tempur-Pedic and regular foam face cushions and soft chest, knee, and armrest padding to provide comfort and minimize pressure points.

Let Scouter Medical’s rental equipment help ease your difficult face down positioning and promote your successful surgical outcome.


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