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Vitrectomy Facedown Equipment supplier 

  • THREE-DAY, FIVE-DAY and ONE WEEK rental packages available
  • with all Facedown equipment orders
  • NO HIDDEN FEES...All quoted rates are total (Kansas orders 
  • include tax)
  • NO CHARGE for Vitrectomy Facedown Equipment delivery 
  • two days prior  to surgery
  • 'CERTIICATE OF MEDICAL NECESSITY' to be signed by surgeon
  •  provided with  every order
  • SCOUTER MEDICAL provides all necessary documentation 
  • to file member insurance claim after surgery
  • PETITE Vitrectomy chairs available for persons under 5''2"         
                         to most areas in the Midwest

                              SAME DAY DELIVERY
Kansas City Metro

        Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Colorado, Iowa, Arkansas
    Wyoming, Oklahoma, Texas, South Dakota & North Dakota


We realize the prospect of holding one's head in a face down position for extended periods is daunting. Even  with equipment, recovery from Vitrectomy is challenging; however, following your doctor's instructions to remain face  down is imperative. Proper face down positioning is critical for the success of your retinal eye surgery due to macular  hole, detached retina, diabetic retinopathy or vitreous hemorrhage.  

SCOUTER MEDICAL'S Vitrectomy Facedown equipment reduces the risk of central vision loss and helps to minimize the possibility  of a second surgery.  SCOUTER MEDICAL'S equipment will assist patients in maintaining the proper head position.  The equipment helps  to decrease the physical distress of maintaining the head in a face down position without support and reduces the  discomfort of muscle strain and risk of orthopedic complications. SCOUTER MEDICAL'S Facedown equipment will lessen the burden of your difficult recovery.

We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to answer your questions about Vitrectomy recovery. 
 We've been in business for more than thirteen years providing top-quality equipment and excellent service to Midwest  Vitrectomy patients in KANSAS, MISSOURI, NEBRASKA, IOWA, COLORADO, WYOMING, ILLINOIS, OKLAHOMA, TEXAS, NORTH DAKOTA AND SOUTH DAKOTANext day delivery to Wichita, St. Louis, Springfield, Omaha, Lincoln, Des Moines, and Cedar Rapids. Same day delivery to Kansas City.

Let Scouter Medical's Vitrectomy Recovery Equipment be the solution to your more comfortable recovery.
Call 1-877-827-2654 or (913) 312-1885 to discuss your recovery rental options. 

        Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Colorado, Iowa, Arkansas
    Wyoming, Oklahoma, Texas, South Dakota & North Dakota

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